Hey there, I'm Chris. I'm a young collector that's been in the hobby since I was 12 years old. I collect cels from a variety of different series - I'm particularly fond of 80's/90's OVAs and series, but there's a number of post-2000 anime I love too.

About a year ago I decided to sort of start over, and I sold a majority of my collection up until that point. Some series I formerly collected I will not be focusing on at all anymore - that's why so many pieces reside in the 'Gone but not Forgotten' section.

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2/18/2015Moonlight Cels now open.

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Title Last Updated
Gone But Not Forgotten 12/28/2019
Berserk 12/13/2019
Fruits Basket 6/6/2019
Genga / Douga 1/5/2020
Getbackers 11/23/2019
Inuyasha 12/20/2019
Loveless 5/5/2019
Rurouni Kenshin 1/14/2020
Sailor Moon 11/6/2019

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