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Bishonen Wolfram
Source: TV
Layers: 0
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A-1E
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Added 5/22/2019
Updated 5/22/2019
Yuuri and friends travel to a hospital to 'revive' a number of sickened men using the love sword. Upon waking up, Wolfram's pretty image is the first thing they see. Episode 6.

Fantasy is my least favorite genre, though it's better when a little yaoi is thrown in ;D Kyo Kara Maou is a lot of fun. Wolfie is definitely my favorite character, I love his personality, voice actresses, design, etc.

Correction drawn by episode animation director Kazuyuki Ikai, known for work on Black Clover, Beyblade, Gangsta, School Rumble, and tons of other mostly modern anime.


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