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Source: TV
Layers: 0
Sketches: 25
Cel Number: A-1/A-2/A-3/A-4E
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Added 6/9/2019
Updated 6/9/2019
"Lily Kamen, please make me your apprentice!"

Stumbling through a crowded airport, Sasha (still under the impression he's actually a girl) begs for Lily, a local superhero, to train him. Episode 14.

This episode is kind of a whole separate story by itself, a ridiculous one at that. I'd been trying to acquire something nice of Sasha for a little while now, as I lost out on two very nice sets of him from the opening that became far more expensive than I expected ^_^;; so I was quite happy to see the seller list something nice and cute of him that wasn't from an opening, lol.


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Curator: Christopher
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