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Source: TV
Layers: 0
Sketches: 30
Cel Number: A-1E
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Added 6/10/2019
Updated 6/17/2019
"This is.. so strange. I'm powerless. There's nothing I can do. Nothing at all!"

Touka and others express deep sadness upon finding their pet puppy has been killed by demons after wandering around in the forest. Episode 12.

This has to be one of the most emotionally beautiful images I've seen since collecting production art. It just radiates pure sadness but still manages to showcase the feeling in a pretty, artistic way. The anime itself (Touka Gettan) looks amazing animation wise, but is a convoluted confusing mess.

Shuusei drawn by episode animation director Atsuko Takahashi, known for work on Higurashi, Cute High School Earth Defense Club, Diabolik Lovers, etc.

The four sketches pictured are the main parts - the remaining are genga/douga of tears and eyes, plus three timing sheets.


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